Frequently Asked Questions

Recyclies is repairing used bikes and giving them a new life. By doing this we promote sustainable transport. To be part of this movement take one of the Recyclies bikes and become a member. By being a member you get a refurbished bicycle, with repairs included, reasonable theft insurance and an amazing community.

No problem, repairing is what we are good at. Depending on your membership plan you can either come to our store and with our help self-repair your bike or we can repair it for you. We aim to repair a bike in less then 48 hours. If it takes longer, we will simply give you a new bike.

Depending on your membership plan you have two options:
Store Pick-up - We prefer you visiting us because we can introduce you to our team and show you around.
Home Delivery - If you don’t have time to meet us in our store, we are happy to deliver your bike. Please provide your address details and let us know what time works the best for you. Please have in mind that Home Delivery is available only for specific membership plans.

Unfortunately this happens from time to time, however, it is not a reason for stress. Recyclies share security risks with our members. This means that half of the damage is covered by Recyclies and half by your. Considering that our bikes are recycled, they are usually not too expensive, so your half is not going to be too big. But please bear in mind that taking care of your bike and locking it your responsibility.

Flexibility is what we stand for so you can cancel your membership at any time with a one month cancellation period. After your bring your bike, we are going to give it a check, repair if needed and give it to another member. Save the planet by reusing.